Making an Effort

To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also. – Igor Stravinsky

10th October, 2015 – Shaolin Fez at HK Classic Cars and Cyclothon

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Band: Shaolin Fez

Venue: HK Classic Cars – Central Harbourfront, Cyclothon- outside HK Cultural Centre – TST

I had a busy weekend so due to being in a workshop from 10am to 5pm, I thought it would be nice in the evening to head down to HK Classic Cars to have a look and show support to the organizers who also attend my church. At the same time, I could show support to friends who have a Scandinavian food business and Shaolin Fez who were providing entertainment at 7:45pm and then the same set was played (with a slightly different line-up) a ferry ride away at the Cultural Centre later that evening at 10:15pm.

Shaolin Fez is made up of musicians in Hong Kong, some are classically trained (from Hong Kong Philharmonic), others are jazz or rock musicians. They obviously have a love for their craft and enjoy the collaboration of such a diverse group of artists.

Shaolin Fez performed a set which were mostly original songs. Several songs were from their album ‘Calm Your Storm’ and a couple of newer unrecorded (hopefully yet to be recorded) songs. They also performed a couple of covers – an Amy Winehouse song and Jamiroquai’s ‘Revolution’.

It had been raining quite heavily, so it was quite appropriate for Shaolin Fez to start their set with the title song from their album ‘Calm Your Storm’:

A favourite from the set was ‘Heroes Fall’ an original Shaolin Fez song Bond inspired. It’s a great melody and I’m not sure why it’s not on the soundtrack to the soon to be released ‘Spectre’! Here’s a little snippet of it:

The flute solo in Jamiroquai’s  Revolution was excellent over at HK Classic Cars and was replaced by a trumpet solo at Cyclothon.


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