Making an Effort

To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also. – Igor Stravinsky

Why I am making an effort

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So, here I am, making an effort. I had tried blogging before, but I never had a focus. Just blogging about life wasn’t really my thing. Over the past few years, I have rediscovered my love for classical music and started attending concerts, mostly on my own. Well, I figured that you’re not supposed to talk anyway, so what difference does it make whether you’re sitting with friends or not. It turned out that once I started going, I inspired a friend to go and also bumped into people I knew at these concerts – or even made friends there.

Recently, a dear friend, Nancy, asked me whether I had thought about blogging about these concerts as a) I knew of classical musicians she’d never heard of and b) it was obviously something I am passionate about. I do admit that I am not very educated in the field of music and really would not be able to be a very good critic. I just know what I like. So, in my apprehension in starting a new project, I sent emails and messages to a few friends to seek their opinions. My lovely best friend, Juliet, encouraged me and told me that I needn’t worry about being a critic like anyone else – just write from my point of view. Another friend, Dennis, who blogs about classical music in Hong Kong (he also interviews musicians, advises and does talks about classical music) pointed out that a blog would be my own way of recording concerts I attend and this was how he started out.

I’m hoping that as I embark on this new project, that I achieve a few things:

1. Record the concerts I go to so I can look back to see the amazing musicians I have had the privilege of seeing perform and know what music I have experienced.

2. Find out more about the composers, musicians, orchestras, music (e.g. what it is about and why it was written) and venues.

3. Have fun writing about and sharing my experiences. I think so far the only person who gets to hear about them in writing is Juliet!

So, I’m hoping this will help me to be a better listener – as I really don’t want to just be a duck.

To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also

– Igor Stravinsky


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